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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most about hosting an event at Bluxome Center.

Can I tour Bluxome Center?
Yes, we can coordinate a walk through of the space for interested nonprofits and community organizations that qualify. We recommend applying for your event first, then we can schedule a tour of the space if there is a good fit for your event. We also have a monthly event called “Thursday Night Lights” that is open to the public! We encourage all interested groups to attend. Check out our event calendar to see what’s coming up.
How can my organization book an event?
To submit an event request or program rental request, use our Event Request Form and submit as much info as you can about your event. We review applications once a month. Here is a sample timeline for each month:

Deadline for applications: First Monday of each month at 5PM
All applications received by this date will be reviewed by: First Friday of each month
All organizations receive notice by: 2nd Friday of each month

For example, for November 2018:
November 5th – Applications Due
November 9th – Applications Reviewed
November 16th – Organizations are notified

Who is eligible to host events/programs in the space?
We prioritize organizations focused on:

  • Education
  • STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  • SOMA organizations
  • Youth programs that work with local San Francisco youth

Organizations don’t have to be registered 501(c)(3)s, but we do encourage nonprofits to apply. Keep in mind, we receive a large number of applications and may not be able to accept every event or program request.

Do you offer long-term rentals, like weekly or monthly use?
Yes! We want to utilize our community space as much as possible and prioritize the types of organizations listed above for long-term program use.
What is your recommendation for insurance, if we don’t currently have it?
Insurance valid for the day of your event is a requirement to use the space. We recommend using Event Helper to get event insurance. Rates range from $75-200 for daylong insurance depending on your event needs.
How much does it cost to host an event in the space?
Events that are accepted to our space will be hosted free of charge! Event hosts must still pay for the cost of any additional vendors they need for their event (caterer, rentals, decor, DJ, insurance, etc). Other than that, everything in our space is included as part of your rental.
What equipment and furniture do you have available for use during events?
Please refer to our Rentals Packet for info on exact furniture provided with the space. All furniture used should be placed by your team and volunteers. You are welcome to move the chairs and tables around to fit your ideal request. At the end of your event, please stack all chairs in the closet and return the space the way you found it upon arrival.
What cables and adaptors are available for presentation?
We provide local presentation cables, including HDMI, VGA, USB, USB-C, and AUX. If you’re uncertain about hookups and computer connectivity, we suggest bringing your computer in prior to your event to test out the connection to our projector.
Will there be anyone onsite to help with setup or troubleshooting?
We will have one event manager onsite for events.
Is there parking available?
There is no dedicated parking onsite, but there are plenty of metered parking spots on Bluxome Street. We are 1 block away from the SF Caltrain station.
Can my organization fundraise and/or sell tickets to an event in the space?
Yes, provided you comply with all applicable laws.
Are events hosted by organizations open to the public?
Host organizations own their own guest lists and registration process. Hosts are welcome to open their events to the public, as long as guests pre-register and the number of people attending does not exceed the capacity of the space. Bluxome Center will post all events on our event calendar and can post on social media if requested.
Does Bluxome Center provide catering or alcohol service? What if I want to bring my own food/alcohol?
We have wonderful Preferred Caterers that you can hire to provide food in our space, or bring your own food. If you are selling alcohol or receive donated alcohol, you must hire a bartender to serve – you cannot have self-serve alcohol stations.
Can my organization or my caterer bring in a grill, hot plate, or wick fuel for serving trays?
No, we do not allow any type of heating equipment or open flame in the space.
Can my group or caterer store things in the space before or after the event?
Yes, we can accommodate storage up to certain sizes. We do not have someone onsite 24/7 to receive packages though, so we ask that you receive the items then schedule time to come drop them off beforehand with your Event Manager at the venue.
Do I need to reserve time to set up and clean up my event?
Please factor in setup and breakdown time in to your event request form.
Can I film in the space?

Yes, as long as there is no representation of your event being endorsed by the space, or as being sponsored by Bluxome Center/Alexandria. You are responsible for securing all other legal rights and permissions related to the shoot. Also, please keep in mind that your shots cannot include other groups in the space unless you’ve explicitly received their permission.

Can I hang anything on the outside of the entrance or on the walls within the space?
You may place a sign on the outside of the building directing your guests. Anything hung on the walls must use blue tape or wall puddy ONLY so as not to damage the walls. You are responsible for any damage to the room or walls that are incurred during your event.
If I need to cancel my event how far in advance do I need to notify your team?
Please send us an email at least 5 business days in advance notifying us of a cancellation. If you do not notify us in that timeframe and do not use the space, we will de-prioritize your event requests in the future.


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